Pollock-Richter Project© Collection

The Pollock-Richter Project© is designed to enhance national interest in the Contemporary Abstract Expressionist art theme while promoting the recognition and importance of Art Therapy.  Artist Giacobbe Mazone combines the professional techniques of famous artists Jackson Pollock and Gerhard Richter within each original painting in this collection.

On this page you will find a group of 12"x12" paintings that are on a waiting list to be given as art philanthropy to community influencers. These smaller paintings will associate with a slightly similar larger version that uses the same color scheme. 

Participate in a 'ground-floor opportunity' to own an Original Mazone and watch its investment value steadily increase. This series of paintings will be the impetus for great intellectual conversations and augmented emotional well-being for everyone.


If you have not been invited already, the 12"x12" Mazone Originals can be acquired at no cost by contacting the Art Studio and identifying how you contribute to your community through corporate or civic influence. Please include online validation sources.