Pollock-Richter Project© (#471) Giacobbe Mazone Artist
Pollock-Richter Project© (#471) by Mazone
Pollock-Richter Project© (#471)
Pollock-Richter Project© (#471)

Pollock-Richter Project© (#471)

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Pollock-Richter Project© (#471) - Original Oil Painting by J. Giacobbe Mazone. Treated unframed canvas measures 12" (H) by 12" (W), with color accents of Acrylic paint.

Designed to increase national interest in the Contemporary Abstract Expressionist art theme while promoting public recognition of Art Therapy and the very unique painting style created by contemporary abstract artist Mazone. 

This is a ground-floor opportunity to own an Original Mazone and watch its investment value steadily increase. This painting combines the learned professional techniques of 'arguably' the most famous Abstract Expressionist Artists: Jackson Pollock and Gerhard Richter.

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